a summer song

As of next Friday, my summer will be over and I will be on a plane to spend four months in Copenhagen.

To me, processing through a season always requires some Interstellar-style treading back into the time, digging up the puzzling moments to see them anew and cherishing the sweet moments even more. Summers are sweet and slow and sunken into, to me they most always feel like life’s recess– God’s way of saying: “Go, explore!!! Love this place a little bit more like I do, but don’t get too caught up in the endless doing and understanding and Instagramming of it all.”

So how was recess spent this year?

What I have learned about myself is that I am generally quick to forgo the detailed descriptions of life in favor of the echoes of Christ to find in it all.

I worked in Nashville this summer, trading days between the Vanderbilt Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Children’s Hospital. Days at Admissions were full, layered with campus tours and emails and phone calls and wonderful, goofy people in every office and down every hallway. Days at Children’s were dotted with big, belly laughs–what I have come to know as the mark of recovery– and deliveries to patient rooms, the very very best part of the job. God taught me in both places that he very, very much loves his people and it is glorifying to treat them well. It just doesn’t matter whether they are sitting in the office because they’d very badly like to be admitted to Vanderbilt or are about to be wheeled into open heart surgery– personhood is the only requirement for a wild and redeeming Love.

I lived with three sweet roommates. I learned and I learned and I learned and I learned. I think the best way to know and love people might be to live with them. Jesus taught me all about forgiveness and grace and how a positive attitude is the best way to wake up and the best way to come home from work each afternoon. I learned how to cook a few things and go to bed early and how to willingly spend time alone but also I learned how each one of us is incredibly different, and that the story of our lives is God-orchestrated. I fell in love with their stories and everybody else’s too. In books and on TV shows and through podcasts and really just the words of another person– I love them very very much! Stories are so important.

My favorite line in the prayer from The Valley of Vision above is “Thou art preparing joy for me and me for joy,” because I lived it this summer. It felt like every day God convinced me there was something new to love about the world, something new to love about his people and most of all something new to love about him. And best of all, I am being changed from sinful to Christlike because of his great love– and because he desires joy for us all!

One of my very favorite songs is Creature by Penny and Sparrow. I am sorry if you ask me that in a year and I do not say this song but by then I will have tried to stuff 58 more “very favorite” songs in my life because there is so much music to love.

Anyway, basically the whole song revolves around one line: “I’m a creature for your love.” This makes me want to bust out my bad dance moves, like stank-face level dance moves, and throw around confetti and fun things because yes this is absolutely what my life is to be all about! I am a creature for the love of Christ. Please listen to this song because also there are so many other good lyrics but I don’t want to turn this into my English class poetry unit or anything.

I am a creature for the love of Christ.

Hallelujah for the greatest Purpose there ever was– a love that pursues relentlessly and teaches us to love back!!


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